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Helping Families

Our goal is to help these children, single parenting women and human trafficked individuals, to make good choices, turn their circumstances around for the good, get off the system, get an education, employment and be productive for themselves, their family and to society. Make a positive impact for the rest of their life.


Living in an abusive relationship, son molested by abuser. Came to me for help because she feared for their lives. Drove 5 hrs, rented a U-haul, packed her/son and brought them to Green Bay. They lived with me for 6 months. I assisted K.... with rent, security deposit, household furniture/items, food, clothing, helped with utilities, bought her a car and Christmas. Taught her basic daily living skills (knew nothing), how to cook, clean, parent, budgeting, counseling and helped her with employment. Today, 12 yrs. later, K.... has a great job, apartment, etc, K... financially and physically gives back to this outreach each month. She is not on any government assistance. Their lives were totally turned around. K... said to me if they had stayed in their previous situation, she and/or her son would have died. Today, both are safe, healthy and happy.

K... , 30 yr. old with a 2 1/2 yr. old son

On drugs, alcohol, on probation and living with an much older man who is a abuser. M... came to me for help. M... has gone through a Drug/Alcohol treatment program. I assisted M... by getting her/daughter an apartment, paid rent, security deposit, helped with household furniture/ items, food, clothing, diapers, parenting, counseling, education, employment and Christmas. Today, 2 yrs. later, M... is drug and alcohol free, is in school to get her GED, has a good job (FT.), is off probation (early because she made good choices and turned her life around) maintains her apartment and is a great mother! Productive for her family and society.

M... , 24 yr old with a 1 1/2 yr. old daughter

T... was married, her husband provided wonderfully for them. He was killed in a car accident, T... is now a widow and a single mom instantly! What a shock. Never worked. Came to me for help. I assisted T... financially for continuing education. T... enrolled at Martins School of Cosmetology. Also assisted with food, clothing items for school and Christmas. Today, 1 1/2 yrs. later, T... has graduated for Martins, has her own chair at a salon, provides for her /children and is very successful!

T... , 24yrs. old with 2 children ( 9 month old daughter, 4 yr old son)

On drugs and alcohol, on probation, living with an abusive man. Assisted her in getting treatment, counseling. helped her get an apartment, paid rent, security deposit, household furniture/items, clothing, food , employment and Christmas. Today, 2 1/2 yrs. later, BJ... is Drug and Alcohol free, has a car, maintains an apartment, has a good job (FT) provides for herself/daughter. BJ... and daughter are safe, healthy and happy!

BJ... , 26 yr old with a 4yr. old daughter

Has not worked in 20 years, totally on the system. I assisted D... with food, clothing, counseling, household furniture/items, employment and Christmas. Today, 3yrs. later, D... has a full time job, has a car, rents a house, provides for her/family. Almost off the system. Only on M.A and food stamps. She has a totally different outlook on life. She just needed some encouragement and assistance to make a difference.

D... , 37 yr old with 2 children (5 yr old son, 15 yr old son)

Drugs, alcohol and bad decisions caused great heartache and the separation between her and her child via the law. K... came to me in desperation. We helped her get a full time, an apartment, furniture and household items, gas card, clothing AND she now has her daughter back in her custody. She is drug & alcohol free, redirected her life positively and is providing for herself/daughter and both are safe. Loving the unlovely does make a difference!

KC... , 22yr old with a 3 yr old daughter

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