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Women's Non-Profit

Heaven's Touch Inc. is looking for a building and is in need of raising funds to purchase this building.  This building will provide full-services to single women who are currently pregnant, or parenting with their children along with human trafficked individuals, in unstable living situations. 

Anyone who would like to make a difference by financially supporting Heaven's Touch with the purchase of this building, will receive a 100% tax donation receipt.  We need to raise the neccessary funds so we can move into this building. Please contact Cindy at (920) 713-4069 or simply use the GoFundMe button below. YOU can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.


The building will include the following:

- Library/Study Room: Resource center will contain books, magazines, and other training materials. Study area will contain furniture to achieve a stimulating learning environment, with supportive tools, such as dictionaries, thesaurus, study guides, etc. Computers will be available.

- First Aid Area/ Medical Room: The first aid room/medical room will provide basic first aid for non-emergency injuries that residents and children will incur. The room will also be used by any medical personnel for services to residents. The room may double as an intake room when required for a new resident to have a wellness assessment and then any appropriate care (shower, delousing, etc.)

- Laundry Room: Sinks, washers, dryers, clothes racks, ironing facilities, etc for laundry needs.

- Kitchen/Dining Room: The kitchen will also provide a facility for cooking classes (nutrition, planning and preparation). This area will also be used for special events.

- Pantry: Will provide for the women and their children.

- Community Involvement Room: A gathering, socializing, and programing. This room will provide a TV/Stereo and lounge furniture for group activities. These rooms will be available to the public for rent.

- Kids Playroom: This will be an area for children to play. It will contain toys and play apparatus for children. A separate bathroom adjoins.

- Computer/Training Room: The primary purpose will be a classroom for training, including GED, HSED, computers and other subjects.

- Waiting Area: A large, comfortable area for visitors and residents. Will contain appropriate furniture, fireplace, magazines, etc. Located at the formal entrance of the facility.

- Director's Office: Located directly off of the Waiting Area. Will contain desks, and other necessary office furniture for the Director.

- Business Manager's Office: Will contain necessary records, office machines and furniture.

- Reception Office: Area for receptionist directly off the Waiting Area and Entrance. Will contain office equipment and office furniture.

- Staff Office: Will contain office machines, records and necessary furniture.

- Conference Room: Adjoins the Director's Office. Meeting tables, chairs, etc.

- Storage/Copy Room: Storage of all office supplies and facility records.

- Staff Lounge: Staff meeting and relaxation area.

- Loading Dock: Located at the westside of the building.

- Activity/Craft Center: Room for crafts, arts, activities, knitting, sewing, etc.

- Exercise Room: Room for health and fitness. Has equipment such as exercise bike, Bowflex, treadmill, cardio glide, etc.

- Beauty Salon: Room where Moms and children can get their hair cut, a perm, colored. Manicures and pedicures.

- Distribution Area: Clothing, furniture, household goods, baby furniture and items etc that families are in need of.

- A Store: The store will have New Merchandise (that can be purchased by Mommy Money that is earned with our Incentive Education Program).

Would you like to be a volunteer?

We are 100% volunteer run and have many different volunteer opportunities

Heaven’s Touch Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization. Your contributions are 100% tax deductible.